As an art and design studio and a small business, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint throughout every step of our projects. Focused on sustainability and finding creative ways to repurpose items, edte aims to reuse as many materials as possible with every new product we create.


FAQ - the edte foam bag

What are the foam bags made out of?
Our foam bags are made from spray polyurethane foam, recycled fabrics, and other materials including PVC and latex tubing as well as glue, wire and metal chains.

What makes your fabric recycled?
Every edte foam bag features a recycled fabric interior. What makes the material recycled exactly? All of the fabric is Stoffreste or fabric scraps/trimmings cut from larger garments. Each of these fabrics were recovered from waste bins and donated by Thorey Gera Textilveredelung GmbH, a textile manufacturer in Gera, Germany.

What about the environmental impact of polyurethane foams?
While polyurethane foams are non-toxic when cured, they do release chemicals into the atmosphere during production. With this in mind, we produce our bags in very small limited editions to reduce environmental impact.

Where are the foam bags made?
Every edte foam bag is handmade in and shipped from our studio in Bruce County, Ontario.